The car you drive can convey status, style and taste, whilst also giving immense satisfaction in terms of the driving experience. Owning a super car may be an attractive proposition, but the huge price tags, eye watering depreciation, lack of secure storage space, maintenance and servicing costs may not be so attractive to most individuals. This is where we can help!!
YOU get to drive a luxury supercar, feel the exhilaration and enjoy the stares from the appreciative public!!!
Our cars are perfect for weddings, days at the racing, corporate events, filming, birthdays, graduations or just to treat yourself.


Mike Warrington


I had the pleasure of rented the Bentley to take my wife away for our wedding anniversary. We felt like celebs in the car! I can say hands down it was money well spent for our enjoyable weekend.

Sue Douglas


I've been using Luxe Car Hire for a long time and have never been disappointed.

Dipak Patel


My brothers and I had the pleasure of renting the Bentley for our sisters wedding. The service received from Luxe Car Hire was excellent. Everybody loved the car and it really added a bonus wow factor for the day!